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During the last bull run from 2015 to 2018, I noticed the Stochastic RSI indicator make two upward sloping triangles.

The first triangle was the smaller Sucker’s Rally, and then there was a 50% RSI correction, followed by another triangle, which was the real rally.

Now in 2021, we are seeing the same triangle form, just before a big sell off happening today. So could we see the RSI correct to the 50% level, before Bitcoin continues the climb back to $50k, infinity and beyond?

Lets hope so.

What is the Wall Street Market Cycle?

Long term weekly chart for BTCUSD, with Pi-Cycle and Custom Bitcoin Bubble Pop Indicator

I have been monitoring this particular chart of Bitcoin for years now, each time redrawing the parabolic support and resistance lines, and discovering that Bitcoin follows them very closely. It is no doubt that the trend for cryptocurrency continues to be upward, though the volatility is stomach churning for many.

Presently, it has been an exciting run up all the way from $5000 to a high of $56,000. …

Bitcoin (BTCUSD), the raging bull and sleeping giant, has puzzled many a trader, and killed dozens of greenhorns. Trading Bitcoin is very difficult, it’s reversals are rapid and it’s moon-runs endless.

So why not just use dollar-cost-averaging (DCA)?

Dollar-cost-averaging, or DCA for short, is a method for regularly purchasing a set quantum of an appreciating asset at regular intervals, e.g. on a monthly basis.

Personally (not financial advice), I believe that as long as countries continue to print massive amounts of fiat currency, all assets including digital ones such as Bitcoin will continue to rise in relative-value.

When to buy aggressively?

Following my strategy, you can also increase the quantum…

Bitcoin – BEARISH Moon & 3 Cats Fractal

Man, that’s a huge, black “whale-bar”.

Hello everyone, wow we are already in 2020 and Bitcoin is at 11000! Oh but wait, it just had a massive drop…so what happened? I know I haven’t posted in a while about BTCUSD, after my last update, so I’ll just add on my thoughts here.

Whilst everyone is excited that their crypto portfolio has mooned a little (mine has gone up by 35% this month), I want to remind everyone NOT to be overly bullish and to NOT sell their house, car and wife to invest in Bitcoin.

You see, I’m…

Now that we know #covid19 is a zoonotic virus, which means it is transmitted from animals to humans, I’m doing my part to reduce my meat eating.

Day 3 of no meat! Let’s see how many days I can go without eating chicken, beef, pork or fish! (Though I think I will eat fish at some point)

I still drink milk, yoghurt and eat eggs, because I go to the gym. But I’ve replaced meat with Toufu, other types of beans, and nuts. I also eat watermelon and other fruits to add fibre. …

Where will BTC go next?

From visual inspection of BTCUSD Monthly, one can see a bull market to bear market fractal pattern. Since there is a fractal, lets extend this to a fibonacci retracement study.

Where will our little computers take us next?

Created in Photoshop.


  • Look towards famous paintings to recreate the emotions viewers felt
  • Insert own twist / artwork into the material.
  • Composite composite composite.
  • Add filters.


  • If you’re curious about what product this is, it’s the VIM2 single board computer made by


  • Myself of course! Please enjoy this artwork.

Turn your Khadas VIM into an OpenVPN, SSH tunnel, for your iPhone or iPad!

iftop terminal screen showing my Khadas VIM acting as a SSH tunnel between (my iPhone), (my macbook) and OpenVPN host (

0. Why Tunnel OpenVPN Over SSH?

In certain parts of the world, the OpenVPN protocol is blocked, and even modifying it’s config-file to run on port 443 doesn’t help. This means that even with OpenVPN, access to the free-internet is restricted. In such cases, our only method to access the internet is through an SSH Tunnel. Popularly, Linux and Unix machines can use an app like sshuttle to route all network traffic via an SSH Tunnel.

However, devices like iPhones and iPads, don’t support SSH tunnelling, *ahem* Apple. They do however support…

How To Interact With People, Without Pissing Them Off

Are humans really just very complex algorithms? #westworld

Have you found yourself getting into repeated arguments with your significant other, colleagues or your boss? Do your conversations seem to go round and round in endless circles, with no definite conclusion? Are you tired of fighting with others over seemingly trivial details?

If the above sounds like your life, you may be in need of a little technique I’ve picked up over the years — I call it the “social algorithm”. It’s a fool-proof 4-step method of getting your all-important views aired, and at the same time, having the other…

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