Long term weekly chart for BTCUSD, with Pi-Cycle and Custom Bitcoin Bubble Pop Indicator

I have been monitoring this particular chart of Bitcoin for years now, each time redrawing the parabolic support and resistance lines, and discovering that Bitcoin follows them very closely. It is no doubt that the trend for cryptocurrency continues to be upward, though the volatility is stomach churning for many.

Where will our little computers take us next?

Created in Photoshop.


  • Look towards famous paintings to recreate the emotions viewers felt
  • Insert own twist / artwork into the material.
  • Composite composite composite.
  • Add filters.


  • If you’re curious about what product this is, it’s the VIM2 single board computer made by khadas.com


  • Myself of course! Please enjoy this artwork.

Turn your Khadas VIM into an OpenVPN, SSH tunnel, for your iPhone or iPad!

iftop terminal screen showing my Khadas VIM acting as a SSH tunnel between (my iPhone), (my macbook) and OpenVPN host (

0. Why Tunnel OpenVPN Over SSH?

In certain parts of the world, the OpenVPN protocol is blocked, and even modifying it’s config-file to run on port 443 doesn’t help. This means that even with OpenVPN, access to the free-internet is restricted. In…

You Jun

I only post when there’s something important to say.

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